Booty Gains

So. Lets talk about the thing everyone seems to be obsessed with these days… having a big ol’ bootay.  (And I’m sorry I have wayyyy too much to say about this)

Now I’m not going to lie, in the past I was also taken in by this ideal of having a nice big round bum and I used to squat endlessly to try and achieve this. But this changed, because 1.) squats aren’t the only thing to build a bum,  2.) I started to love training my upper body and 3.) I realised I don’t need to confirm to society’s ideal and blah blah blah.

Don’t get me wrong theres nothing wrong with having a big booty but not everyone can/will have one. Everyone is different and you may not be wired genetically to have one, yes you could spend your life tirelessly trying to build one but whats the point. Embrace what ya mamma gave ya 😉

It seems theres a lot of emphasis these days about building a booty and a lot of women will only use weights to strengthen their lower body because they want a nice bum but what about building a strong back or shoulders or core? Women are encouraged to squat (which btw is a compound exercise, which will grow your legs too, not just your butt) but are discouraged from other types of lifts because according to certain people will make us “too bulky”. Society says having a big butt is sexy but having a muscular upper body is “masculine”. So just like everything else it all just comes down to sex appeal. *eye roll emoji*

*** Training your upper body won’t make you bulky or manly or masculine! It will make you strong and toned. And sexy AF ***

The thing thats bothers me most is that its due to society/social media and young girls think having a big bum, skinny waist and big boobs is how they should look. I see faaarrr too many teenage girls at the gym who are there just to squat (and are doing it all wrong) (and they’re snapchatting at the same time). WHY. What is this world we live in.

Fitness isn’t supposed to be about sex (sure it can be) but its about bettering yourself as a person and feeling good. Lets start building women up and their strength, not just those who are ‘conventionally sexy’. Don’t you want to be able to lift your own books/boxes, build your own wardrobe, open your own jar, instead of asking a man? Hell, I do. Its the year of the woman, damnit.

Now go get them gains.

Sorry. Rant over. (I’m sure there will be more)

‘My Fitness Journey’

A lot of you may know, I am quite into fitness, but you may not know why, so, long story short… I used to be the chubby teen who ate her feelings. When I was about 18 or 19 I decided to make a change, I started to exercise 3 to 4 times a week and changed my eating habits completely. The weight started to come off and I slowly began to feel happier.

Probably in the past 3-4 years I have really gotten into weight lifting, prior to that I was quite the cardio bunny (snoreeee). But now I love weights. I used to want to lose weight and be skinny, but now, I want to be strong and the best version of myself possible. Everyone says weight loss is a ‘journey’, but it really is. You start with a goal, often about the way you want to look at the end of it, but often when you get there, you realise you can’t just revert back to your old habits without undoing the work you have put in.  I have realised that this is a way of life and I will consistently have to work hard to maintain my goals; there is always something new I want to achieve.

There is such a stigma attached with women who ‘lift’ and it bothers the helllllll out of me! Ladies if you’re reading this – lifting weights will not make you ‘bulky’ or look ‘manly’. It will make you toned and strong! Women do not have enough testosterone in their bodies to build a physique like a man, so unless you’re taking steroids, there is no need to be worried. Don’t be afraid to do weighted exercises, and I’m not just talking squats!! (I will defo being doing a separate dedicated post to this to add to my rant! sorrynotsorry)

Sorry about the rant, but anyways… My current workout regime consistent of 4 days of weights, focusing on specific muscle groups and 2 days of cardio (although I often end up missing 1 day of cardio because Zzzz..) My current goals are to squat 100kgs (currently on 50kg) and to do pull ups without the assisted pull up machine. Oh and also to get lean, so I can see all my gainssss.


I found it difficult deciding whether to buy flags or make them, mainly due to size and quality but I decided to buy them. The flags are 5ft by 3ft which are actually quite a good size considering there are 5.

My plan for the flags was to hang them outside the foyer keeping with the exterior colour theme. However I decided to make black and white versions of them to be sewn together. The black and white versions would only be seen as you exit the foyer keeping with the interior theme of black and white. However when trialing this out, the flags were too light to be hung outside and would also be very distracting from the large Union Jack vinyl that will be going up. As a result I tried hanging them along the right hand window pane and found this worked extremely well.

The chosen flags: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism & Judaism reflect the five main religions of the UK. The colour versions hang facing outside keeping with the colour theme and the black and white hang inwards contributing to the monochrome space depicting the simple narrative of good vs evil that no longer exists.

Futurity: A New Generation

A New Generation

The work I produced for Futurity titled ‘A New Generation’ explores ideas about the children of Islamic State called ‘cubs of the caliphate’ which was inspired by the quote ‘a new generation of fighters’.

I presented the work on a small monitor with speakers to enable the audio to be loud and dominating. Along with this short film, I also projected a film still on to the wall depicting children playing in a river with one child holding out his hand motioning the number ‘1’.

I feel that the work was received well and definitely brought attention to itself through the intended use of loud audio, however I feel that the work may have been too similar to the work ‘Seeing II’. Both take a humorous approach in the way they have been edited and music juxtaposition, but having said that this could enable a series of work.

Sound Piece: Contention

Looking at the work of Sergey Shutov and the way he merges cultures together to display the peaceful co existence of religions inspired me. His work Abacus involved audio of a mixutre of prayers. This prompted me to explore how I can use this to display Islamaphobia and fear of the ‘other’.

Considering that Christianity is the predominant religion in the UK and the existence of Islamaphobia, I wanted to play on the constant battle that is evident between the both and also draw on the fact that many Christians find themselves converting to Islam.

Before coming to the final version, I played around with various prayers, finding two that depicted the struggle that is met, which led to the title Contention. The sound piece is 3 minutes 33 seconds.

Futurity: Making Work

Something I’ve mentioned before whilst researching ISIS is the recurrent ideology of “a new generation of fighters”.
Originally when I wrote a proposal for the Futurity exhibition I was looking to explore the idea of destruction and restoration and the juxtaposition it poses when trying to create a new world through destruction as an act of restoration in relation to how ISIS want to create a caliphate and restore the world to the way it was pre 1400’s (with intentions to conquer beyond the Middle East). Although this is relevant to the idea of ‘futurity’ I have decided to make work regarding the youth of ISIS, who are called ‘cubs of the caliphate’ as I find this is a lot more pertinent regarding ‘the future’.

ISIS are training young children from the age of 8 (possibly younger) at camps teaching them martial arts, how to use weapons and Islamic studies. They are the future for ISIS and if the Islamic State continue achieving their goals, these children are the future the Western world faces. I am going to make a short film (continuing with the same theme used when making ‘Seeing II’) that will involve a sense of humour as I juxtapose imagery of these children being trained with the song ‘Lets get ready to rumble’ which featured in the film Space Jam.

I chose this audio as any 90’s kid (like myself) will recognise this song and associate it with our own childhood. This creates a juxtaposition between the visuals of children of this time with innocent nostalgia. For me this brings the realisation that society is ever-changing and whilst my childhood involved playing with toys and watching Disney films & Looney toons, these children of the Islamic State are subjected to a very different reality. I am not condoning what ISIS do but for these children this could be the best and most exciting childhood they could have which is inevitably going to shape them into the future of ISIS.