New Film

For the degree show, I had thought about using the very first short film I made ‘Seeing’, which I think would fit in with the works theme, however I decided against this and planned to make a new film.

I wanted this new film to be very ambiguous and simple. Thinking about using audio, I left it out as I felt it would be unnecessary. I chose to search for explosion clips, keeping in mind that I wanted to strip this of the colour and sound. The found two clips which I decided to experiment with, one of which seemed to be from a CCTV camera of a quiet road and another of a very busy road.

Playing with both, I found the first to work best as it was more ambiguous as the location is more undefined and questionable. Stripping it to black and white made the film work a lot better, I heightened the contrast making the imagery bolder and more indistinct.


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