I found it difficult deciding whether to buy flags or make them, mainly due to size and quality but I decided to buy them. The flags are 5ft by 3ft which are actually quite a good size considering there are 5.

My plan for the flags was to hang them outside the foyer keeping with the exterior colour theme. However I decided to make black and white versions of them to be sewn together. The black and white versions would only be seen as you exit the foyer keeping with the interior theme of black and white. However when trialing this out, the flags were too light to be hung outside and would also be very distracting from the large Union Jack vinyl that will be going up. As a result I tried hanging them along the right hand window pane and found this worked extremely well.

The chosen flags: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism & Judaism reflect the five main religions of the UK. The colour versions hang facing outside keeping with the colour theme and the black and white hang inwards contributing to the monochrome space depicting the simple narrative of good vs evil that no longer exists.


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