Futurity: Making Work

Something I’ve mentioned before whilst researching ISIS is the recurrent ideology of “a new generation of fighters”.
Originally when I wrote a proposal for the Futurity exhibition I was looking to explore the idea of destruction and restoration and the juxtaposition it poses when trying to create a new world through destruction as an act of restoration in relation to how ISIS want to create a caliphate and restore the world to the way it was pre 1400’s (with intentions to conquer beyond the Middle East). Although this is relevant to the idea of ‘futurity’ I have decided to make work regarding the youth of ISIS, who are called ‘cubs of the caliphate’ as I find this is a lot more pertinent regarding ‘the future’.

ISIS are training young children from the age of 8 (possibly younger) at camps teaching them martial arts, how to use weapons and Islamic studies. They are the future for ISIS and if the Islamic State continue achieving their goals, these children are the future the Western world faces. I am going to make a short film (continuing with the same theme used when making ‘Seeing II’) that will involve a sense of humour as I juxtapose imagery of these children being trained with the song ‘Lets get ready to rumble’ which featured in the film Space Jam.

I chose this audio as any 90’s kid (like myself) will recognise this song and associate it with our own childhood. This creates a juxtaposition between the visuals of children of this time with innocent nostalgia. For me this brings the realisation that society is ever-changing and whilst my childhood involved playing with toys and watching Disney films & Looney toons, these children of the Islamic State are subjected to a very different reality. I am not condoning what ISIS do but for these children this could be the best and most exciting childhood they could have which is inevitably going to shape them into the future of ISIS.


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