Hussein Chalayan

If this kind of work was displayed today it would be far more controversial and would not be very well perceived by many. It probably wouldn’t be condoned at all and just seen as offensive.

The work makes such a powerful statement about women and power and I feel this is something I am also putting across in my work exploring the independence and submission of women.

When considering doing a catwalk show on the opening night of the degree show, Chalayan’s work is inspiring as it is so fearless. My intentions are to put on a ‘fashion show’ using four females and one male who will strut up and down the runway, which will be covered in charcoal/black soot (symbolic of the burning people). The catwalk façade will explore the glamorisation of ISIS and the way in which women fit into their male dominated society bringing to light how this becomes problematic culturally. Western women flee to Iraq & Syria in a bid to regain independence and become “bad b*tches” but in reality upon arriving in the arms of the Islamic State they become submissive jihadi brides, used to “breed a new generation of fighters” in turn bringing feminism backwards. For Islamic women in the East it is not condoned to show their skin in public, which is something I am going to play on while contradicting it with the excitement and celebrity ISIS have become.


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