Flames of War: Islamic State’s Feature Length Propaganda/Recruitment Film

The way ISIS presents themselves via online platforms and the footage they put out raises questions about what they are trying to do. It seems they are not just trying to spread their ideology and ‘recruit’ but also build a sort of empire. The fact that they have a magazine and produce annual reports similar to that of a company and produce high-tech, well put together films and footage plays a huge contradiction to the fact that their ideology is seen as ‘backwards’. It also raises questions about their intentions and goals




Kayla Ruble/VICE/Murtaza Hussain/TheIntercept:

In yet another push of propaganda, Al-Hayat media, the Islamic State media wing, has released a full-length version of its documentary style film Flames of War: Fighting Has Just Begun, after the militant group teased it with a short trailer sneak preview earlier this week.

With flame graphics, black and white footage, night vision, and archive US news footage, Flames of War chronicles the ongoing insurgency of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

The 55-minute film opens with a narrator authoritatively declaring that the establishment of the Islamic State has allowed the Muslim community to “unite under one call, one banner, one leader.”

Old press conference footage shows then-President George W. Bush’s infamous post-9/11 speech declaring “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists” and his 2003 aircraft carrier announcement to the end of major combat operations in Iraq, proclaiming that, “The United…

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