Response to Adam Curtis: Bitter Lake

I found watching Adam Curtis’s documentary ‘Bitter Lake’ very insightful. I was able to gain further knowledge about historical events that effect how things are run in the world today, politically and otherwise.

What I found most interesting about was something that was said towards the end of the documentary along the lines of: Afghanistan has revealed the emptiness of the hypocrisy of our beliefs.

Hypocrisy of our beliefs

This really got me. It is very true. In the nature of our society and the way things are run today, individuals have become very critical and judgemental without the realisation that we are also very hypocritical.

I feel that the difference of beliefs is something that is quite pertinent within my research now. Of course every individual, society, religion etc all have their own beliefs, which they believe are correct and true. So regarding this and ISIS, we can say that they believe what they are doing is right and not necessarily just about killing innocent people for the sake of it. They BELIEVE that what they are doing is right. They believe that by doing this they are adhering to the laws of the Quran and will gain from it.

But on the other hand, the American and British governments/societies believe this is wrong. So in order to stop them we are fighting and killing them in a bid to stop them like a battle of good versus evil. But it is not that black and white anymore. The ideology and beliefs ISIS follow have been planted like a seed and have continued to grown into the Western world so even by killing them, it truly is not helping in any way. The notion is there, it exists in the world and nobody can change this.

We are stuck in this cycle of different beliefs in which people are fighting for what they believe is right yet no good ever comes from it, nothing is ever resolved.

ISIS have the intention to create an Islamic caliphate and use techniques of modern media but the same thing is happening as it did in the 1920s, British, Americans and Saudi’s are trying to kill jihadists and their ideas in Iraq but the idea, is still there and will stay.

The system of belief is a lot stronger than any physical force.


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