Work #3 Exhibition: ‘Submissive Rebel’

For our third exhibition, I decided to put in a portrait from the ‘mocking ISIS women’ photo shoot. I wanted to put in this piece of work to see how this worked as opposed to the video work I have been making.

Following the mockery of ISIS training in my previous work ‘Seeing II’, ‘Submissive Rebel’ explores the idea of the rebellion of western women and the contradiction this faces when these women flee to Iraq and Syria to support ISIS and end up up becoming nothing but submissive women. A lot of these women believe they will be able to go there and fight but when they get there, they are made jihadi brides, kept women whose purpose is to breed a new generation of fighters. This work plays on the ‘glamorisation’ of this and how it is just a fad, a new and exciting craze that these people will eventually realise isn’t any good – just like a fad diet.

One of the responses to the work suggested that the work be much bigger. I agree with this and would like to try presenting this work printed to human scale or even bigger. Doing this would create a bigger impact on the audience with the possibility to be intimidating.

I feel like this piece of work could be experimented with further. To bring the concept of censorship to forefront with this piece of work, I could try cropping sections of the images and enlarging them to create ambiguity, playing on the idea of controlled censorship/authority of the image.

‘Submissive Rebel’ 2014


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