‘Seeing II’ 2014

‘Seeing II’, 2 minutes, 58 seconds is the short film I exhibited in the latest exhibition ‘Work 2’. The film explores ideas of appropriation, religious conflict and media censorship. As well as this, the work focuses on the idea of perception and how this can be altered.

Following the previous work I made, ‘Seeing’, I wanted to continue to explore how audio can change the tone and sense imagery can have and how our perception can change according to this. ‘Seeing II’ takes on a much more humorous approach in comparison to ‘Seeing’. The choice of audio mocks the imagery and opens up and new way to view the imagery in comparison to the original footage.

‘Seeing II’ engages media censorship and the way things can be distorted in order to evoke a certain emotion or reaction. My intentions in making this film was to create humour and annoyance. Judging by some of the viewers reactions to the film, this was achieved.

Following the exhibition, this work was put up in the linear gallery which after just one day was complained about and the work was taken down. It was clear to me that the individual who complained about this work did not understand it and thought that the work was about supporting ISIS. They were mistaken. Its unfortunate to see there are a lot of close minded people when it comes to viewing and engaging with art.

Following this response to the work, it has only encouraged me to make this work available to a wider audience. I would like to submit this work to online viewing platforms and see the response it receives. I understand that this work is very controversial and that it was going to cause a slight uproar with potential to be problematic, however I did not expect for this reaction or for the work to be taken down. Nonetheless, I’m quite glad as it captures the same ignorance individuals have towards the current ISIS situation and other current affairs.

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