Mocking ISIS Women Photoshoot

It was strange being the subject in this shoot rather than the photographer, however I feel that for this piece of work it was necessary that I place myself within it especially when considering the type of images I want to produce.

The shoot went well as I was directing myself and only needed a camera assistant. The images turned out well, however there is possibility to try out another shoot in the future, exploring further ideas of ISIS women.

These images mock the current ISIS situation and take away the seriousness of the matter. I wanted to create an image or set of images that distort the perception of these women who are running away to become Jihadi brides or attempt to fight for ISIS. The images reflect the idea of rebellion and glamorisation of the matter. The idea that ISIS is ‘exciting’ and has become ‘the new celebrity’ in our society’s never ending quest for uniqueness.

These are some initial edits of images from the shoot:

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