Mocking ISIS Women Photoshoot

In relation to looking at how women fit into the picture of ISIS, I have decided to do a studio shoot. Beforehand I wanted to mock ISIS men by shooting a very ‘macho’ looking male posing with props such as a gun. However the more I thought about this the more I thought that this could work a lot better with a female model. Despite the fact that these women are going to support ISIS willingly, they are also taking feminism back years. These women are being kept as ‘chattel property’ (Andrea Dworkin) and are having to abide by the strict rules of men.

I want to mock this and play on it. I have decided to place myself in the work by acting as the subject. The subject will pose provocatively with prop guns and bullets, showing some parts of her skin but covering her face.

I intend for the images to be slightly humorous and to cause a slight sense of confusion. The poses done will be resemblant of women portrayed in action films – the glamourous way in which they pose with guns yet still look ‘pretty’ – think James Bond women / Miss Congeniality.

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