Mocking ISIS & Intentions

Taking a turn from the serious I have decided to make work that mocks the ISIS situation. Whilst looking at found imagery, I came across ISIS music parody videos which I had no idea existed. Its strange to think that such a horrific situation is being mocked but I suppose then again what isn’t.

I am going to try and find more of these parody music videos and see if I can work with this footage.

Along with this, I have also thought about creating an ISIS looking flag and hanging it in the middle of Farnham. This I feel would cause a lot of controversy especially given that Farnham is a very middle/upper class British area. If I were to do this, the text on the flag would be Arabic but say something along the lines of ‘Religion or Rebellion’, ‘I am mocking you’, ‘The ISIS isn’t real’. This is something that would need to be thought out more.

I wonder what the effects of burning the actual ISIS flag would have. Perhaps as a performance piece or maybe just documenting the process. But again this goes back to being very serious and political, however this is something that evoke a lot of emotion from people which is something I want to do, especially as flag desecration itself is a controversial topic.

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