Disturbance: Experimenting

Following the feedback I received on the Disturbance piece I decided to approach it again taking into consideration what had been said.

I took the original clip which had been repeated several times and slowed the clip right down. This version is 2 minutes, 28 seconds. I feel that slowing it down changes the tone and perception of the clip, the fact that it is slowed down frame for frame ensures that the viewer sees everything that is unfolding. Some viewers may find this disturbing which could evoke emotion or a certain type of reaction which could potentially be interesting to capture on film.

As the clip is slowed down, whilst viewing, you get the impression of a ‘laggy’ video being viewed on the internet, which many people find frustrating. This was not my original intention however I feel that it works well as it relates to the fast paced media and internet and our want/need to have everything straight away. The fact that that everything is so fast paced means we miss a lot, even if it is right before our face. By having the film slowed down like this comments on the fact that perhaps we need to have something broken down in front of our eyes in order to realise/understand what is actually happening. This essentially relates to a big factor of this ISIS situation. The fact that many people in the western world are ignorant to what is going on – purposely or not, it shows that we so consumed in our own lives and everything else the media puts in front of us (e.g. pointless celebrity stories), that we don’t see the important issues.


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