Work in Progress: Disturbance

Following finding some graphic footage I decided to play around with this, distorting the same section of a section of the clip which was sped up, over and over again. I did this because I want the viewer to question what exactly they are seeing without showing them the original footage.

Some of the feedback I received on this work was:

– Focus on what you are trying to say with this
– Question why you are distorting the clip in certain ways – it looks slightly amateur
– Think about maybe slowing the clip down frame by frame rather than speeding up
– Potential to re-film the clip behind a frosted glass etc

I agree with the fact that this piece does look slightly amateurish but in the sense that it looks a bit thrown together. I definitely want to experiment with slowing this clip right down, which I feel could have a larger impact on the viewer and almost be unsettling due to the nature of the content. This could be upsetting and cause a ‘disturbance’ but I think perhaps this is something that needs to be done.

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