‘Seeing’ 2014

‘Seeing’, 5m 39s, is the short film I created for the Project #2 exhibition. The film focuses around themes of war, religion and censorship. I wanted to create a very layered piece of work that allows for the audio to create a new meaning to the work, with the potential to evoke emotions, which has been influenced by the use of audio in cinematic films.

In the society we live in today, we are constantly shown things in the media about things occurring all over the world, we see these things but we don’t really acknowledge them. We know what is going on but we don’t really care enough to pay attention, because we are so consumed by our own materialistic lives.

‘Seeing’ engages religious conflict, media censorship and the way things can be distorted to be viewed a certain way to evoke emotions. With this I propose the question, doesn’t the media do this to us everyday?

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