Paul Sharits

Looking at Paul Sharits short film ‘Touching’ has been quite inspiring and feel it could influence my work.

T,O,U,C,H,I,N,G is a 12 minute short film directed by Sharits in 1968, it uses elements of structuralist film such as flicker effects, flash frames, constant audio and visual repetition. The audio track is just of the filmmaker saying the word “destroy” over and over again until the word begins to lose its meaning and creates the impression of different combinations of words being spoken.

I found the film quite difficult to view, after a couple of minutes I had to stop it as it was my making my head hurt. I like this idea of distorting imagery and audio to create a new meaning and confuse the viewer and cause them to question what they are viewing. Given that I found Sharit’s film difficult to view could transpire into my work, the idea of having to watch something you don’t particularly want to but are simultaneously drawn to.. This somewhat relates to media and current affairs, we know that what we are seeing/hearing might be bad but we still watch/hear but at the same time, do we really care, and if we do, how long for? Everything today is so constant and moving, this whole thing about todays news will be tomorrows chip paper, nothing ever lasts for long because there is always something new to hear about.


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