Project #2: Found Imagery

Towards the end of second year, I began working predominantly with found imagery and have found this has continued into my third year practice.

Looking into aspects of religious conflict, war and censorship I decided to take to YouTube to look for relevant footage. At first I was not sure what I was looking for and did various searches for religious conflict such as the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the 7/7 London terrorist attacks and various wars going on at present.

I took a few different videos from youtube and just started to put them into Adobe Premiere. I tried to cut and edit them together to make the issues seem ‘unimportant’ and a little cinematic with the use of a very ambient piece of piano music.

I didn’t feel this was working and this footage I was using wasn’t what I wanted to work with so I went back and took a look at the online article I had found and defaced. This article was based on the ‘Islamic state attacks on religious minorities’ which mentioned the current issues with the ISIS in Iraq; having looked at this again I decided to search YouTube in relevance to this.

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