On Monday 28th April, Arts & Media second year came together in the James Hockey Gallery to put together our exhibition: 10C2D.


Most of the morning was spent figuring out what work will go where to ensure that there is a dialogue being kept between the work. During this time Tamara Lenz and I had to organise getting a TV screen to display our collaborative work. Due to lighting and other issues we were not able to use a projector to display our work. Upon getting the TV we decided to lay it flat on the ground to break up the gallery space. It was suggested by our tutor, Grant, that we arrange some of our other work on the floor around the screen to add to the work. Doing this we added several other of our works, including flags, the broken plates and the original tea cup piece. Combining these works together really came together well to show ideas of cultural hybridity.

Setting up my work ‘Appropriation/Appreciation?’ took a lot of planning and figuring things out before we got it up. I wanted the hang the 4 A0 acetate images from the ceiling. The afternoon was spent discussing how we could do this considering the options of using wire, metal hangers and fishing wire. Eventually we decided that the prints were light enough to be hung by fishing wire, using bulldog clips as connectors. To stop the acetate from curling I had to put pieces of doweling at the top of each image to keep them flat. With the help of a technician, my work was finally able to go up.

My work was positioned near the back of gallery hanging high enough so that it could be walked under but low enough to be viewed from a distance or up close. I’m very happy with the outcome of this work as the work depended so much on its presentation and there were times when I thought ‘my vision’ may not become reality but it did!

Tuesday 29th April: Private View

The opening night of our exhibition 10C2D was a huge success. The work was received well by our many visitors and there were a lot of discussions taking place about the work. All of the work really came together within the James Hockey gallery making an exciting space, despite our past reservations. It was a great night for Arts & Media, as we could finally showcase what we had been developing and working on for the past year.

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