Artist Statement

Being surrounded in a world of mixed cultures, I never seemed to acknowledge the ‘clashes’ that occur within my own cultures and the cultures that surround me. ‘Traditional Hybrid’ and ‘Cultural Hybridity’ explore a hybrid that I am confronted with, fusing two very traditional aspects from being Indian and British.

Looking into this fusion of cultures, I found cultural appropriation rose to the surface. Are we learning to appreciate other cultures to coincide with our own or are we just being oblivious to it and disrespectful? ‘Appropriate/Appreciation’ allows the idea of ‘fusion’ to be physically seen. Each image can be seen as one yet together the acetate allows us to see through each image to the next, exploring the notion of on-going integration and interchanging.

‘Eurasia’, a collaborative piece with Tamara Jane Lenz continues to explore cultural fusion by challenging the idea of prestige vs. labour by presenting a performance piece. The archival remains of it look into attachment of the object and the polarity thinking of the western world.

Exploring the cultural hybridity that surrounds us and the globalisation we face together, I am ultimately raising the question: is cultural appropriation ignorant or just inevitable?

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