Cultural Appropriation Archive

Whilst researching cultural appropriation I have slowly been building an archive of images showing cultural appropriation within the context of Fashion. I intend to present this archive in the exhibition either using all images collating them together directly on the gallery wall or by choosing a select few (perhaps 4-10) and printing them on a larger scale (A0) onto pvc/acetate. If presented on acetate, I want to hang them collectively from the ceiling with enough space for interaction. I want the archive to show the idea that whether we like it or not, whether its good or bad thing, appropriation will continue to happen and this is what blends everyone together.

This archive will continue to grow and the collection of images will in expand. In the future, I would like to present all images or a selection of the strongest.

As well as creating this archive of images, I have also created an archive of cultural appropriation on Pinterest which has been a great source of reference and research for me.


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