Fiona Tan

Vox Populi, London, 2012

Vox Populi is a collection of other people’s family photographs, which look at both celebratory moments to the everyday mundane activities. Vox Populi, London was the final instalment of a series that included Norway, Sydney, Tokyo and Switzerland.

Vox Populi, London comprises of more than 250 images from over 90 participants to make up the final work. Focusing on Londoners, the work explores how we choose to represent ourselves, and how we consume the representation of each other. In doing so the work captures the essence of London and its multi cultured nature. The collection of images brings a feeling of nostalgia with images of birthday parties and dull English beaches and manages to depict a very rich and intimate portrait of a city.

This idea of collecting photographs and collating them can be applied to my work as I am working with found imagery. I like the idea that Vox Populi almost creates a small archive or the beginnings of one depicting the story of a city.

Looking at this work has made me realise the potential my work has to expand even further. I have a very large family and to take this work further I could collect even more old family photographs, turn them into postcards and have my whole family write their memories onto them. Collating the postcards as a whole piece of work, this could create a larger fragmented narrative of my family and our story collectively.

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