Larry Sultan

‘Pictures from Home’, 1982-91

‘Pictures from Home’ cleverly challenges the fine line between fact and fiction within the images and narrative presented. The work is based on Sultan’s family memories taken from old home movies. He created his own contemporary photographs in reference to his parent’s old movies and photos exploring a more comprehensive understanding of family. By photographing his parents, Sultan reverses the social norm, blurring the sense of power and identity that is experienced by both in front of and behind the camera.

He photographs his parents in their day-to-day lives, his father in retirement and his mother home-selling in the setting of the typical suburban American dream. Accompanied with the photographs are personal quotes from both of his parents that contemplate their current relationship to one another. These voices work with and against the photographs; sometimes stating the obvious and other times contradicting the documented truth entirely.

The way the work appears, it looks at family in a very constructed way but with the voice of his parents it also addresses a very honest side of it, capturing homely family moments.

Looking at this work gives me the idea to potentially push my work further by recreating the old photographs I am using for the postcards and creating a juxtaposition between the two.

In a similar way I intended to create very honest narratives for the postcards by using the voice of my family to recall their memories.

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