Collaboration with R. Freitas

Raquel Freitas, a third year BA (Hons) Fashion student at Epsom UCA approached me proposing a collaboration. She asked me if I could design prints for her major final project, in which she must design a collection and produce a garment (Kenzo for ASOS). She was working with the theme of Alchemy which was a challenging design concept. Upon seeing some her research I was able to produce a number of print ideas for her, first working in black and white and then applying her colour palette.

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As well as designing she was interested in how the prints would look as screen prints so I experimented with samples of this. However due to time and other issues, we were not able to screen print the designs for her garments. 



She had the print designs made up into samples and chose 2 final designs for her garment. She used one design to laser cut latex and  the other as the actual print for her fabric. When making her garment, she overlaid the latex laser cut design onto the colour print fabric.

It was a great experience collaborating with Freitas and a good learning curve. It taught me how to juggle my own work as well as the collaborative work by time managing, arranging meetings and deadlines with Freitas. Its definitely something I would consider doing again as it allowed me to go back to my design skills, which have not been used for some time. We have plans to further this collaboration by doing an outdoor photo shoot which will benefit both our portfolios.

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