John Stezaker

 The ‘inserts’ came about as a natural coincidence of my two main collections of images: post-cards and film stills. Initially I thought of the postcards as representing a spatial anchor to the temporal image of the film moment. Indeed the first were entitled ‘Here and Now’, though the postcard ‘inserts’ tended to subvert this spatial/temporal union by themselves being ‘images of time’: firstly railway trains on perspectival tracks and then water-waterfalls or waves”  – John Stezaker

This technique of superimposing images is very thoughtful and interesting and is something I could apply to my work. The idea of take a still from my own film and overlaying it with another image could work effectively to present as a postcard itself, combined with text to create various narratives within one piece of work.

The mix of black and white and colour makes for an interesting juxtaposition but working well together which is something that can be considered within my work.

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