Exhibition Planning – Intentions

Based on the work I have done – exploring the idea of culture clash further I am going to look into Cultural Appropriation and how it is evident today. I am interested in the way meaning is stripped away but at the same time appropriation is needed.

Work that I plan to do:

Looking at cultural appropriation I want to show how cultural objects/items are stripped from their meaning and just end up being something that is aesthetically pleasing and meaningless.

The full English Tea set I intend to deface with henna will be labelled with price tags to bring in this idea. Something that is creating a clash between cultures can lose its meaning and just be sold as a meaningless aesthetic item.

So I will either have them priced as very minimal or extortionate to either show that’s it not a big deal or that a price is put on everything, no matter how meaningless. (we’re willing to buy it – money is made)

It’s evident that a lot of cultural appropriation can be found within today’s fashion. I want to play on this and create a rack of clothing items, which have a combination of cultural aspects (including flags and religious symbols); both Indian and British printed onto them and defaced continuing to create a clash and a sense of meaningless.

In terms of resolving work, I am continuing the collaboration with Tamara building on our work ‘Eurasia’. We intend to find a dining table and complete a full table set. We are going to stage and film a ‘dinner party’ scene using ourselves only to portray bringing women to the dinner table through the use of labour. During the performance we will arrange rice along the henna lines, making the dinner ‘labour intensive’ rather than a social thing.For this, we will need to ensure that we have a projector set up in the gallery which can be kept playing on a loop.

Using the gallery space, Tamara and I intend to have the dining table set up with our individual works on either side of it and the film projected onto the wall beside the dining table.

I want to display my tea-set on a podium with enough space to walk around it and have the clothes rack beside it with room for interaction and other works on presented on the wall.


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