I have decided that for my publication I am going to make postcards using old photographs of my parents.

I plan to create two postcards, one representing my mother and one representing my father. I plan to design the postcards in InDesign and each postcard will have a handwritten memory on the back of it creating a narrative.

I will look into 1970’s postcards so that I can design my own based on this. I also plan to experiment with using text on the front of the postcard by perhaps having a question that should be answered on the back.

The postcards will have a flashback, fragmented narrative, as they will recall the memories of my parents. My intent behind this is I want the viewer to interact with postcards, reading each memory to build a narrative for each parent and their early experiences in the UK. I want the postcards in themselves to act as a piece of nostalgia being something most people can relate to and have personal memories of.

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