Looking for inspiration

Having finalised my film, I have begun thinking about what I am going to do for my publication.

My initial ideas have been to make something with a newspaper style or create postcards, keeping with a similar narrative.

Victor Burgin ‘Gradiva’








Burgin conveys narrative through his work by combining text and image. In his work ‘Gradiva’ which is made up of 7 images, he uses text as part of each image to tell a narrative.

Looking at Victor Burgin’s work I could take on the idea of using text and image to create one whole image. The fact that his images are black and white makes the work very bold and striking. Using this along with the simple black text on a white backing makes the image and text really come together. It is simplistic but very effect. This is something I could apply into the publication I will create.

He also takes a narrative and turns it on its head allowing it to be seen in many different ways.  I could apply this to my work by keeping the same narrative as my film but using different perspectives from it to transform it into a publication.

Bill Owens ‘Suburbia’










Owens presents ‘Suburbia’ in the form of a book, where some photographs are accompanied by a piece of text and some without. Some images have a caption and others a full paragraph, “The captions really helped tell the story of suburbia. Sometimes we would just drop the caption because the picture didn’t need it.” – Bill Owens

Looking at his work is inspiring and could potentially translate into my own work. For my publication piece I could make a small book about my family and what they have been through, using only found imagery from the past. I could present these images along with short descriptions, paragraphs or quotes to help build a narrative. This would continue to make my work quite personal but at the same time have a documentary element to it. For this I could use a linear narrative looking at text and image at the same time to create a story.

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