Work in Progress: Flag

Work in Progress:

IMG_8910 IMG_8791







I am currently working on defacing this Union Jack flag by painting on henna patterns using fabric paint.

Plam Glew:

One of the artists that gave me some inspiration was Pam Glew. She creates flags using vintage fabric and turns them into portraits using found imagery. She sources vintage textile which she dyes a dark shade, usually black or navy. She uses imagery from film stills, photographs of herself in costume or occasionally images from the internet, which she edits to her liking. This becomes the reference she uses to paint from. She paints uses household sponges and paintbrushes using bleach which creates a very different visual as it allows the original patterns of the flags to come through as the dye is removed by the flag. I personally find her flags very aesthetically pleasing and find the technique she uses to make them very intriguing. It’s definitely something I’d like to try.


“I am interested in the culture of heritage, a sense of belonging, or estrangement from our countries. Also, a sense of nostalgia for certain countries is a repeated theme in my work. I often use American quilts and flags, as a Brit I find the look of Americana both exciting and comforting.”


I find this quote quite interesting as this is what I have been exploring in my own work, culture and a sense of belonging but also the ‘clash’ of cultures. By covering the Union Jack with henna patterns I feel it is creating a fusion but at the same time representing a huge clash which reflects my personal predicament in the context of ‘culture clash’.

More images of Glew’s work:

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