Using ‘found imagery’

During tutorial I received good feedback on the progress of my short film.

It was suggested that I look at exploring the documentary aspect of my film by using found imagery to put into my film that depicts both Nairobi and Uganda in the present day as oppose to just following the usual documentary style where the image coincides with the voice over.

Whilst looking for found imagery on YouTube of Nairobi, I found it quite interesting that most of the videos were filmed from cars. One video in particular was named ‘Driving Through Nairobi 2013’ and the description was ‘It’s still filthy……’.

I found this video interesting as it seems to show maybe the ‘slums’, driving through a place that seems to be run down and not built up at all which seems to be the opposite of what some of the other videos showed.

Watching this reminded me of when I went to India at the age of 8 and the culture shock I found between the standard of living there in comparison to the UK and what I had been brought up with and around. It was a shock for me especially at a young age and I remember finding it hard to deal with.

I’m not sure whether I want to use this imagery in my film. Theres potential for it to show a good juxtaposition with the footage I gathered in London. However it could also change the tone and mood of the film but not in the way in which I would want it to. I think I may just have to experiment and see what does and doesn’t work.

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