Exploring Ideas

As well as working on the film based on my parents, I also want to explore the other ideas I had about our obsession with social media and the idea of nostalgia.

As well as looking at them individually, I may also explore them together. Looking at the social media Instagram, which allows you to take photos/videos from your smartphone, apply a filter and share with your followers.

Photos which are commonly posted on there:

  • Food (labelled as ‘Food Porn’)
  • The Sky/Sunsets
  • ‘Selfies’
  • Nails
  • Text Message Conversations
  • Quotes
  • Pets
  • Holidays/The Beach
  • Parties/nights out
  • Feet/Shoes

I like both ideas and thought that they could potentially be combined – the idea of instagram and nostalgia – being able to ‘look back’ at these memories.

The structure this might undertake comes under a few: Flashback, potentially linear, random and perhaps open ended (as Instagram is something which can always be added to and we are constantly creating ‘new memories’). This depends on the concept of the narrative.

This narrative is most likely to be documentary or fiction. So far I have no ideas for concept for this, so whilst I am shooting in London for my short film narrative, I am just going to capture things and see how they work and see if anything creates a fiction narrative.

For this I will set up a Instagram account and experiment with it, see how things do or don’t work as a narrative. I am unsure whether to just capture images from a smartphone or use a DSLR or even both. I am gravitating towards using both as this will allow for further development later, should it be needed.

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