Research & Editing

I have been doing some research into the reason both my parents left Africa which was because of the uprise of Idi Amin, the dictator of Uganda. He asked all asians to leave the country within 90 days in 1972. Many people had British passports and fled to the UK.

I have been searching the internet and YouTube trying to find the announcement he made but I couldn’t find a full video of it, I did however find a short clip which I have used as the intro to my short film.

I managed to make an audio recording interviewing my parents and have filmed passports, school documents and some photographs which I have started to put together.

However I feel that I need to find more footage for the film as what I have gathered so far is not enough.


Another short film I looked at which has inspired me is ‘Favourite Picture of You’ by TJ Martin and Dan Lindsay. Its a very personal and touching film made up of home photos and movies combined with a voiceover. The film explores the memories of youth and struggle with age of TJ Martin’s grand parents.

The use of the voice over with the home photos and movies really engaged me as a viewer, it allows the viewer to see a sort of intimacy  by letting them into their memories. The film might even recall the viewers own memories or bring up a sense of nostalgia.

This is something I would like to do with my film. I want to engage the viewer, almost reaching out to their own nostalgia and memories. I will be using old photographs alongside shot footage to try and create this sense.

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