Work in Progress: Plates

Work in Progress: Plates with Tamara Lenz


Upon deciding to collaborate with Tamara Lenz, we took it upon ourselves to get together and begin working. On Saturday we made a start painting the plates I had bought, it took us 5 hours to both complete one plate each.

Knowing how long it took to complete my tea cup set, I knew that doing a whole dinner set would take a lot longer and it would take a lot of time and dedication to complete the tedious task. The most difficult thing about painting the ceramics is that you have to think about the design whilst painting and make sure the design continues to ‘flow’ as most henna designs do.

With our pop-up exhibition in mind, we have divided the ceramics between us to complete throughout the week with the intent of completing our dinner set.

We have thought about creating a performance piece in the form of hosting a ‘dinner party’ and also destroying the plates, however we have left this undecided as for now we want to focus on the pop-up exhibition.


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