Finding a Narrative

So I have been looking at a lot of short films to inspire me and I have come up with a long list of ideas but none of them are jumping out at me.

I think I am quite interested in making a documentary style short film but its just finding a narrative to get going thats proving difficult.

I am quite keen on the idea of nostalgia but I’m having trouble with how this idea develops into a narrative and how I can portray it apart from the obvious which is as a flashback.

I also like the idea of our obsession with social media and our incessant need to update them with what we are doing all the time – taking pictures of our food before we eat it, checking in our locations so everyone knows where we are.. Why do we do this? What is the need for us to do this..?

From this I have the idea of creating a narrative of someones life or actions through an Instagram account which would also provide and anonymity to it. (With this I could also combine the idea of nostalgia as Instagram is something you can look back on – looking at old posts etc)

So having said all of that, I still don’t know what I am doing!

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