Creating Work

Following my visits to the exhibitions, I was left quite inspired and just wanted to start making lots of work – which is great considering how stuck I was getting with producing work beforehand.

I wanted to continue on with the tea cup henna set I did and make more of this type of work. I wanted to find more objects which are seen as quite ‘English’ or traditional and cover it with henna patterns.

Along with this we have been given the task to collaborate with someone in order to produce a pop up exhibition in a couple of weeks. I paired up with another student whose work revolves around a similar theme of culture. We found that between our cultures we had henna, rice and tea in common – taking from this we decided that we could put together a dinner set that has been covered in henna and somehow incorporate this with rice and tea.

I took a trip to the charity shops and it must have been my lucky day because I managed to pick up a set of 5 plates, 4 bowls and small pouring jug for just a few pounds. We shared out the set between us and got working!

As well as doing this I still want to find more objects. I would like to cover a Union Jack flag in henna and also do a full tea set. I want to cover as many things as I can find to build a collection.

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