La Jetée

Looking for inspiration – La Jetée (1962)

As I know I want to make a short film, I looked at La Jetée for some inspiration. La Jetée is short black and white film made up of still images with the exception of one scene where you see eyes blink. The first time you see this, it really plays with your head and you think your eyes are playing tricks on you. The film has no dialogue apart from small sections of muttering in German and people talking in an airport but is narrated by a voice over. The film explores time and memory through the use of linear and flashback narrative to tell the story of a man in a post-nuclear war experiment in time travel.

Taking on the idea of using stills, I could perhaps creative a narrative based on nostalgia through using only still images and possibly taking on the idea of having one moving image scene within it exploring the same strategies of linear and flashback combined.

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