Photography – Narrative

Narrative Research (Part 1)

I have begun researching for the first part of this Narrative project, where for the first part I must produce a narrative in a digital form. For this I intend to make a short film.

After being shown Emmanuelle Waeckerle’s ‘Brief Encounter’ and Camille Henrot’s ‘Grosse Fatigue’, I felt inspired to portray a narrative through film.  I felt that ‘Brief Encounter’ was quite captivating, it shows us something we don’t ever see. It takes the time out to capture something so real that we don’t really tend to acknowledge in our consumed lifestyles.

As well as confusing me half way through, I found ‘Grosse Fatigue’ very interesting, especially the way it was made.  Attempting to tell the story of creation through a computer desktop is something you don’t expect.

Another piece of work that I found very interesting was Natasha Caruana’s ‘Good Luck’. This short film creates a narrative through a single photograph, following a woman’s search for her father combining camera footage, photographs and mobile phone footage.

The three of these films has inspired me to want to make something with a meaning, perhaps something based on a truth.

Continuing with research I decide to take to YouTube and Vimeo to see what other short narrative films have already been produced. A lot of them are very interesting and well made and there were a few that caught my attention.

Apricot by Ben Briand – The idea of remembering your first love combined with this suspense of the unknown. I loved the way the film is made and the ending that leaves you questioning.

‘Till it’s Over by Robert Grant – The idea of routine, questioning what you see. I like the way this was filmed and again the ending leaves you questioning. 

However, despite looking at these, I am struggling to come up with a concept for my narrative film. The hard part is coming up with the idea to begin with.

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