Culture Clash Video

In the video I put together I tried to combine the elements that would have an obvious ‘clash’. I wanted to combine clips and audio from The Lion King and a Bollywood dance song. As well as this I wanted to show the similarities between Indian and Western films with clips from films that have been ‘copied’.

Film clips: Hitch, 2005 & Partner, 2007; Mrs Doubtfire, 1993 & Chachi 420, 1998; Kopps, 2003 & Khildadi 786, 2012

I think the short film has very humorous and confusing effect to it. Throughout the video I have made parts ‘glitch’ with the intention of making it seem as though there is something wrong with it, similar to videotapes that were played in VCR’s. I also placed the Lion King scenes with the Bollywood music and vice versa creating the effect of two things wrongly intertwined. Towards the end of film I decided to add in a short clip of the queen’s first televised speech in 1957, combing in the British aspect into the ‘culture clash’. Even though I feel that it seems quite random at the end of the film I think it works as the whole thing is a ‘mish-mash’.

I ended the film with a clip of a roaring lion – Simba, which is often shown at the beginnings of feature films. I did this to create a humorous effect almost like I am ‘taking the mick’. I also left this sort of ‘open-ended’ so that there is an opportunity for me to go back and add more to it and rework it should I choose to do further research and develop the ‘culture clash’ even more.

In terms of final presentation and exhibiting, I would show the film projected on a blank wall with the henna tea cup set on a podium on one side and the painted fabric pieces hung on the wall on the other side.

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