Intermedia – Wk10

Exploring the ‘culture clash’, I wanted to go further with it and  wanted to explore the ‘westernisation’ of India a bit more.

A big part of India is Bollywood. Bollywood is the Indian film industry in India which is seemingly always trying to match up with Hollywood. In old Indian movies it was very rare that ‘affection’ was shown on screen – the most you would see an on screen couple do is hug or express their love through song – kissing would never be shown. Now in Hollywood we know that isn’t the case and so as the years have gone on and more skin has been bared in Hollywood, Bollywood has decided to do the same – including full on bedroom scenes. With the comparison of the women shown in Indian films about 10 years ago being covered up wearing beautiful sarees, these days we see them wearing barely anything or something skin tight shown in a very sexual way. Along with this the public has also changed with ‘newer generations’ wanting to be just like their favourite Bollywood stars.

Devdas, 2002
Dhoom 3 – 2013














I don’t watch as many Bollywood films now as I did when I was younger but personally I think its a big shame that Bollywood has tried to hard to become like Hollywood because by doing this they’re loosing their originality and trying too hard to do copy things that are western. This includes story lines. There are numerous Indian films which have been based off Hollywood films (not just Hollywood) and some directors have even tried suing those directors in India for plagiarism. This is quite humorous as there so many films that the public love in India yet the some of stories used are not original at all.

Whilst researching this I came across a couple of websites that have picked out some the things that have been directly and indirectly ‘copied’ (these are not necessarily story lines). |

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