Intermedia – Wk9

After doing a presentation of work in progress and receiving feedback I wanted to explore more of the ‘culture clash’ but decided to leave the poverty aspect alone for now.

I was a bit stuck with this so decided to look at what I had and things I could explore. From looking at my research things that I felt I could use were the henna, the Lion King and Indian clothing.

Taking on the idea of henna and thinking of things that are very British I came up with the idea of covering a tea-cup set in henna patterns. I also thought of doing the same with tea towels, the british flag and the london underground logo.

Doing this it felt as if I was defacing the tea set, like graffiti-ing but I think that it works well. I found that combining the cultures like this and making them clash in this way is interesting and could become quite humorous.

I would perhaps like to continue this by making more things covered in henna patterns like a complete tea set or tea towels.





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