Intermedia – Wk8

After the fabric portrait I realised there was a bit of a ‘culture clash’ emerging in the work and research I have done so far and decided to explore into this a bit. After taking another look at my ‘confessional statements’, one of them stood out to me a little more. ‘I take for granted what I have but I try not to’.


This led me to think about the poverty in India. Thinking about the culture clash led me to think about the loss of Indian tradition/culture not just with myself and others in the ‘western world’ but even the people in India are becoming more westernised. I think a lot of it is generational with the development of technology, advertising, the media, etc, everyone wants to be like someone else/want something else/new. Recently a rocket was launched from India to mars and there was concern over whether it was a waste of money considering how much poverty there is in the country.

Looking at this aspect I wanted to make more profound statements about poverty in India with the clash of the ‘westernisation’ happening.

After doing some research into Poverty I came across a lot of statistics which are quite shocking and they’re obviously something that isn’t really known by many people. I decided to combine these facts with the ‘westernisation’ which gave me the idea of creating a dress with the statistics written on. I have continued to use the same saree fabric and written the statements in Gujarati on the front and English on the back.



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