Intermedia Wk4 – Experimentation, Reproduction, Transformation

Tracey Emin







I looked at the work of Tracey Emin as her work is very personal and intimate. Through her work she confesses and reveals intimate details from her life which she does to engage the viewer with her use of different emotions. Looking at her work it is obviously very personal because it is almost as if she is bearing her soul to anyone but I also feel that the work has an impersonal element because even though she is expressing all these things, we do not know her and so it could have been said by anyone.


Collation Transformation

After looking at the work of Tracy Emin, I was inspired by the confessional element in her work. I decided the transform the photomontage into a text base piece of work, keeping the same square format – translating the photograph’s into text, making it a little but more personal. Not all of the statements made on this correlate with the montage as I took out what I felt was not necessary. Some of the statements made are quite general, as though they could have been said by anyone and others are quite personal to me.

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