Intermedia Wk3 – Studio Exhibition Task

CollationUsing the research and work we had produced so far from ‘Collating Place & Object’ we were given the task to create a small exhibition in 2 hours. This task was tough considering we had so just a couple of hours.

I found that not knowing what to do and the impromptus of this was a problem as I wasn’t prepared and felt as though I had nothing to show.

The most interesting idea that emerged from my work is the theme of my culture and family which is interesting and this means a lot to me. Using the montage I created I printed it in A3 and presented it on the wall to exhibit however I feel it would have worked better if I could have projected it (much larger scale). I think had it been done this way it might have been more effective.

The short time and not having sufficient equipment was a slightly step back doing this task however it was a good experience being ‘thrown in the deep end’. However I think my work can be expanded a lot more as after showing this I felt that the work was not understood and did not show the significance of these images and that they came across as irrelevant and meaningless.

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